Certificate Management System

Certificates play an important role in every person’s life especially the students. The manual maintenance of the certificates is one of the tedious jobs of the students. It will be good if the online managing of the certificates is possible. It is easily solvable through the use of this certificate management system application. This application can easily maintenance of the certificates whether it is related to the curriculum or co-curriculum. The schools or institutions can upload the certificate to the user’s account so that the users can easily access the certificate.

The following are some of the features underlying this certificate management application:

Easy management: This application can help in easy management of the certificates by the students and the school with great ease.

  • Certificate access: This application can help in easy access to the certificates by the users so that easy management is possible.
  • Manual work: This application can prevent the manual work of preparing the certificates for the students.

There are even situations where the students can misplace the certificates that will be very important for the later purpose. Such situations are easily avoidable through this application. Database management is easier through the use of this application. The user interface is also easier and one can operate it. Unauthorized users cannot access the certificates of the users.



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