Point Of Sale

This Point Of Sale (POS) program can provide the customer with details such as stock quantities, products sold, items purchased, common item, market demand, etc. at any given time. This is an inventory management program developed especially for hotel bars to allow managers/supervisors to handle supplies effectively in their departments. At the close of the working day, the manager/supervisor shall insert the revenue statistics in the app. Sales figures will be drawn from cash tills in the bar at the end of the day.

This project we have set up is for bar management. The bar shop was met with some problems by using the normal old methods to quantify stock, sale, and buy. The old way was too sluggish and imprecise. We’re going to work with the stock in this project. As the stock is the most important thing in any company, we will give more importance to dealing with this part. The issues of this shop have been fewer when using the program approach. Still, precision is no concern while the stock is stored in the database. But it’s all going perfectly.

This device is designed for the benefit of the shopkeeper and the shop owner. So we built a very simple GUI that helps the user to understand what the buttons will do when they are pressed. This GUI can be used by both an illiterate computer user and an experienced user.

Project title: Point Of Sale

Made By: Sibghatullah Marwat

Front End: JAVA

Back End: Microsoft Access Driver

System Constraints:

1) log in to administrators with identical usernames and passwords. Managers are going to behave like managers. They’re going to get more user privileges than a boss.

2) log in to the managers.

3) Applications can encourage them to add, remove and change products at their prices.

4) The shipping products are added to the app.

5) The key function of this desktop app is to produce different Beverage reports by pressing a button. Many 3-4 star hotels spend hours attempting to produce each article.




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