A number of students applying for MBA project reports. Free student ventures released another MBA project named Effect of Existing Assets on Working Capital. Download the full project record for this MBA project. This is just a dummy paper, and you can apply this style to your final year MBA programs.

Impact of Current Assets on Working Capital

Impact of Current Assets on Working Capital

Project introduction:

The project is assigned to me  “Impact of Current Assets on Working Capital”. At Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Private Limited (OTPL).  The various information regarding classification, determinants, components, sources, arrangement operating cycle have been also discussed and aspects relating to the perspective of Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Private Limited (OTPL).

Ratio Analysis has been carried out using Financial Information for last three accounting years i.e. from 2003 to 2005; Ratios like Current Ratio, Working Capital Turnover Ratio, Inventory Turnover Ratio, Debtors Turnover Ratio have also been analyzed.  A Statement of Changes in Working Capital has also been analyzed and attached Turnover & Performance of the Company for last three years has also been analyzed.


Chapter 1:
– Introduction
– Literature Review
– Statement of the Problem
– Purpose of the Study
– Scope of the study
– Objectives of the Study
Chapter 2:
– Organization Profile
– Organization Chart
– Data Collection Method
Chapter 3:
– Results & discussion with Charts & graphs
– Findings
– Suggestions
– Conclusions
Chapter 4:
– Appendix
– Bibliography
– Joining Report
– Weekly Reports

Note: This project report is only for knowledge purpose. Don’t submit this for your college projects. If you need any further assistance kindly post your queries in the comment box.  We will send reply in 2 working days.


  • Financial Management by books used from which I have taken help for the theory part of the study:
    • V. Khan & P.K. Jain
    • M. Pandey
  • I have also used the trial balance of Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Private Limited (OTPL). Those are from the year 2003-2005. Which provide by the official at Belgaum Works.
  • I have meet with the different people at the Administrative Department at Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Private Limited (OTPL). As also took their views and information for my Study.
  • I have also took the help form the company site www.oilgear.co.in





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