3D-Structures Orientation in OpenGL

The project 3D-Structures Orientation in OpenGL is developed to demonstrate some of the concepts of the graphics. This project demonstrates the 3D-Structures and its 3D view. This project  view  is  designed to work  on the windows  platform  and   is coded  using the  Visual C++  programming  language  with  the underlying  tool OpenGL which offers a rich and highly usable API for 3D graphics. 

OpenGL (for “Open Graphics Library”) is a software interface to graphics hardware. The interface consists of a set of several hundred procedures and functions that allow a programmer to specify the objects and operations involved in producing high-quality graphical images, specifically color images of 3-dimensional objects. OpenGL is     a standard specification defining a cross-language, cross-platform API for writing applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics.

In this mini-project we included most of the computer graphics concepts. One is the 3D-Structures; we made the structures using built-in functions which will give sphere, cylinder, cube & etc. In project rotation, translation and scaling are used to rotate the structures and to give the movement to the other objects.

For any software the good user interaction is very important. In this  project key board and mouse interaction will be given by using the in-built  openGL function. The key keyboard interaction will be given to control the structures. Then menu will be given by right clicking in mouse. In mouse it’s provided with different option to change the color of the structures and to color it.

In this mini-project the OpenGL functions are used to demonstrate the concepts. Most of the objects are created from the basic primitives. And some inbuilt object also used in this project. The object used in this project is giving the control over the 3D structures to the user.




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