Inventory Management System using C++

Project name is  “Inventory Management System using C++”. This Inventory Management System Project developed using C++. It is a simple project, in this user can add new sales record and view sales history. Copy and paste this Inventory project code in TC/BIN folder and Run, then you will get output.

c program inventory

Project Title: Inventory Management System using C++

Project Functionalities:
Its a simple project and it has only 3 modules. Project of inventory management system which provides below functionalities:

  1. Add New sales Record
  2. View sales Record
  3. Exit


How it works?
Step 1: Type 1 for Enter new sales record, Type 2 to view previous entries, Type 3 for Exit.
Step 2: Enter Customer name
Step 3: Enter How many items that customer has been purchased.
Step 4: Enter Item Name
Step 5: Enter Item cost
Step 6: Enter total Quantity
(After entering this system shows,  “Items entered successfully, Press any key to continue..”)
Step 7: Enter total amount given by customer.
(System automatically displays repaid cash. Press enter.

Use it for your reference and study only. If you have any problem please comment below. I hope you find it useful.

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