The Bus Pass Web Technology Customer can purchase a bus ticket over the Internet 24 hours a day during the week that addresses the problem of missing or stolen bus passes. The online interface also lets travelers check the availability of a bus ticket before buying a bus ticket. In contrast, riders do not have to spend cash on the price of a bus fare and can pay for a bus ticket with a credit card.

This website includes all the specifics of the Bus Fare. This online bus pass software system would allow students and riders to get bus passes online and eliminate the need to wait in the queues for the commuter or to pick up a ticket for each trip. Passengers can first verify the device using multiple addresses and photo proofs. If the computer has been tested, it allows them to book passes for any online route.

Transfer framework projects that operate and deliver various bus pas capabilities. The project lets users register on the bus pass website and link online to track their account and the bus pass-related transactions.

The Program Framework enables Users to :

  • Please register for a new bus pass.
  • Please register for a repeat card.
  • Renew the Pass.
  • Get a print receipt of your passport.
  • Students receive a 10% discount and senior citizens receive a 30% discount on the card.
  • The passport is available on both a monthly and a quarterly basis.

The framework additionally consists of an Associate in Nursing admin login that permits the admin to:

  • View the application pass info.
  • Manage the specifics of the customer.

Information on the project:

  • Project Title:-The Online Bus Pass Booking System.
  • Front End:-The PHP
  • Back End:-The MySQL

Specification of the Module:

  • Admin
    • Manage the admin user.
    • Approve the Consumer Registry.
    • Eat the bus.
    • Manage the plan and the cost of the bus.
    • Display and accept the Student Pass submission.
    • See the Booking.
    • Please see Cancel Booking.
    • View the state of payment.
    • Display the question and response.
    • Submit your password.
    • Please see the Comments.
    • Generate several papers.
  • Customer
    • Form for registration.
    • Log in to your portal.
    • Manage your profile.
    • Check for the Bus Schedule and Fare.
    • Display Services Services
    • Ask for a reservation.
    • Ask for the bus card.
    • Online purchase.
    • Send your query.
    • Give your input.




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