Online College Portal is a forum for educational institutions to manage their varied website content, where users can publish news, events, photo gallery, schedules, courses, and syllabuses. It lets new students fill out their application forms online. Staff will log in to the facility and report the latest news and activities.

It deals with the following areas of the college:

  • News & Events
  • Editor of the Home page
  • Type of application
  • Gallery
  • News
  • Details of the course
  • Records of Syllabus
  • Period of the table
  • Details of the outcome

Software requirements:

  • Apache Server
  • PHP 5.2
  • HTML
  • AJAX
  • Mozilla
  • IE8
  • My SQL 5.2

Hardware requirements:

  • 80 GB hard disk and above
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual Core

online college portal

User Interface:

User-The student can change the details if the information is inaccurate, such as the telephone number.

Staff-All staff can view the details of any pupil.

Module Description:

Account module:

The administrator or the workers can log in to the website by entering the login ID and password. Admin is the superuser that can manage all CMS sites. The supervisor will apply details to the faculty and staff.

Webpage module:

This module allows users to edit the contents of the home article, the page about us, the college campus and facilities page, the contact page, and a few others.

Course module:

This module will be used to incorporate and refine the specifics of the semester and the course. This module also displays the syllabus for each course.

Admission module:

This module covers all qualified criteria, accessible ranges, seats and fee structures, etc. on the website. Applicants should apply for their acceptance details online. Upon successful submission of the admission form, the applicant shall receive a particular Admission number via mail where it is expected to make the payment of the application form. Candidates may also track their admission status by entering the Admission number.

Time Table management:

This module stores the scheduling specifics for each course. Generates common courses Wise, Faculty Wise, Subject Wise Time table.

News and Events:

This module can embody info on faculty news and activities. Management will post or arrange news and events during this module.

Photo Gallery:

In this module, you can create albums for uploading photographs and videos.

Result module:

This module lets students review their semester exam results by inserting their student ID. The faculties will upload the results after the examination.

Note: The archive is stored in the backup folder.


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