HRMS Management System

The key aim of this HRMS Management System is to build a web-based interface for the management of the tech company’s human resources. The device allows the administrator to handle the company’s HR. The HR team will keep up-to-date with the success of the activities delegated to the team. The organization will build openings and plan them as well. Workers should update their success in the assigned assignment to be viewed by the supervisor and employees can even view their payrolls. Job hunters can learn about openings and apply for posts as well.

Scope of the project:

The Human Resources Management System can be used to control a company’s human resources. The framework allows the management to establish openings and to approve applications from the applicants online. It also keeps the supervisor up-to-date with the success of the delegated task force. It can also automatically create payrolls.

Modules :

Applicants: Applicants can view positions in the organization and submit their vacancies electronically.

Workers: Employees can view their payroll, review the specifics of the assigned project and even update them.

HR Staff: The HR Team is responsible for developing openings, handling vacancies, arranging interviews, etc.

Project Manager: The Project Manager can delegate a project to a team of employees and view their progress in the assigned project.

Administrator: The administrator shall have absolute control over the system. It will access and delete all employee documents, project information, etc.

Project highlights:

  • The HRMS is a web-based program that can be downloaded over the Internet.
  • Employment hunters will see job openings and apply for employment.
  • Employees, the HR team, and managers can log in to the device by entering the Login Id and Password.
  • The administrator is the primary user of this web application and can add employee information, vacancy details, HR details, etc.




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