MLM Script

MLM Script

This MLM Script is developed using PHP and MySQL. Now a days MLM business is most trending business but success in the MLM business is very less. But there are many companies still working on binary busines. This Multilevel marketing script is the professional script which allows company owners to start their own MLM online business.

 mlm script

How to install:

1) Upload the files to the server
2) The data backup created in  create_dbreseller.txt file. Create the database execute the query which is uploaded in this following text document.
3) Edit file config1.php . Kinldy change server name, user name, password and database name of the sql server.
4) Open admin link http://localhost/mlm/demo/admin.php

Default login id and password is:
Usernama : admin
Password : 123456

Download link:

download project