Online Grocery Website is a live website developed with an open cart to support the open theme of the cart. This isn’t a ready style. We’ve made so many changes to this. This script is created using the open cart Opensource script. Both documents are kept in the MySQL folder. This is a lovely website built for a grocery store.

Online Grocery Website

Features of the script:

  • This script is very smartphone-friendly. It fits well with your laptop as well as with your smartphones.
  • A script uniquely designed to market supermarket products online.
  • This script supports e-mail functionality, e-mail order updates, etc.
  • This script can be hosted on a shared site, a VPS server, or any dedicated server.
  • Using this platform, the customer can order products without login or registration.
  • The customer will access the purchase summary, the order report, etc.
  • The website can include a payment gateway, online or offline payment gateway, credit card or debit card payment system, cash on a delivery payment system.
  • The Administrator can give incentive points to their customers for each product they buy.
  • An administrator can set shipping charges and minimum shipping charges.
  • This has the option to-do-list to keep track of things added to the cart or not.

Demo website for online grocery:

Here you can find on-line Supermarket website example footage.

This video would demonstrate how the website is loaded on the home page.

This video would show the choices for various groups in the grocery store.

This video will teach you how to buy products from a shopping platform. Purchase item is really easy on this website.

We shared 3 videos with a live online buying option. It’s almost like an internet shopping site. But here we have added some additional functionality that is suitable for the online grocery store. We didn’t disclose the source code since it was opensource.





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