Online Hospital Management System

Project Title:

The management system for the online hospital. The name of the database is the on-line hospital management system. It has 18 tables. You need to adjust the setup of the database in dbconnection.php.

This project consists of the following modules:
1) Module of registration
2) Module of login
3) on-line appointment module
4) Doctor’s account
5) Account of the patient
6) Module of therapy
7) Module of prescription
8) Module of payment
9) Module of space distribution
10) A lot more

  • If the patient wishes to schedule an appointment electronically, he or she must register with the system by entering the details of his or her profile.
  • The patient must log in to the system after admission.
  • Your account data will be viewed after the patient has signed in. Even the patient is going to arrange an online consultation.
  • By default, the status seems to be pending. The supervisor should approve the appointment of the patient.
  • The profile can be updated. You should change your password.
  • The patient can see the specifics of the medication given by the doctor. Even the patient can see the details of the care.

Here is the Doctor Module:

  • This is your doctor’s account tab.
  • You should change your doctor’s profile and password settings.
  • The doctor can have access to all the appointment records. The doctor may approve the appointment made by the patient.
  • The doctor can add the details of the treatment and the prescription after approval. The care specifics that have been added are included in the case study.
  • Aftercare, the doctor can add medication specifics.
  • Care and prescription details will be calculated automatically when added to the doctor’s patient log. After the bill, the cumulative number will be revealed. The tax would be measured automatically.
  • The doctor can access all of the patient’s records.
  • A doctor will set the available timings
  • The doctor will see their income report.
  • What are the features open to the doctor.

Now we’re going to clarify the Administrator Module.

  • This is the admin account page. The administrator will provide access to all the doctor’s functionality. However, only the Administrator Settings option is available.
  • Just the Admin will add the department’s papers, treatment reports, and medication records.





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  • Marvelous

    September 18, 2019 - 2:04 PM

    please can i have database connection and documentation of this project. also the user name and password

  • Micah Ongoto

    October 30, 2020 - 3:22 PM

    I can`t seem to find the download link to any of the projects. How do i download?

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