Web-based instant messenger

Web-based instant messenger is a chat program that is developed using PHP and MySQL. This is a software program that runs through the browser. This project is operating like a Yahoo messenger or a google hangout. This has a short and simple way to talk with all members.

Web based instant messenger

Project features:

  • It’s a software framework that functions as a standalone project.
  • This is good for community websites where people can communicate quickly and comfortably.
  • Web-based messenger can be combined with any minor change platform.
  • This is somewhat close to Yahoo messenger or googles hangout.
  • This will indicate the number of employees logging in, the number of online users, and the number of offline users.
  • If the individual is offline, the user may send an offline message to the user.

Modules of the project:

  • Registration Module: In the registration module, the user must enter the username ID, password, email ID, name, etc. after the user can log in to the system.
  • Login Module: The authenticated user can log in to the device by entering login and password. After signing in, the system redirects to the chat window.
  • Lost Authentication Module: This is a forget password module where the user can restore a password by entering the login ID and password.
  • Profile Module: Users can change their profile information.
  • Chat Module: The chat window shows all user information and categorizes all online and offline users in the chat window.
  • Message Module: The user can send messages offline in the Message Module. If the person is offline, the user may send messages to the person offline. Offline messages are stored in the communications module.
  • Users must switch JavaScript on their browsers.
  • The popups in the browser should be allowed.

Hope you will enjoy this project. If you need any more assistance, please post your questions in the comment box. Thank you for reading this post.





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  • dipak neupane

    August 29, 2016 - 11:03 PM

    i like the concept,how to download this project??how can i get the source code?please help

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