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The Web File Manager is used to exchange files, records, images, video presentations online. This framework operates much like a cloud program used by bank workers. This project saves all files online. The initiative also aims to submit files to other staff. This project is being developed using the PHP and MySQL servers. This innovative project is being created by BCA students.

This is a visual presentation that will illustrate how the project will work:

Database structure: This video illustrates the Web File Manager database structure. This project consists of 7 database tables. The tables are administrators, departments, addresses, staff, data, file forms, alerts. The name of the client is the web file manager. The Supervisor and Employee Table stores a directory of managers and staff. The branch table stores various branch information. The name table stores various descriptions of the classification. The user can store various file types with an icon in the file types. After importing files, the file route would be saved in the file table. The warning note is saved in the notification.

Downloading files in the Web file manager: This video demonstrates how to import files from this website. Bank employees will upload and exchange files with other workers. This project has various file transfer approaches. Employees can exchange files by mail, or they can even share files with the public. Registration must be required to share the files with the server. The administrator can access all the files and has full authority over the website.

Designation module: This module is used to show the employee’s classification information. Designation information can be entered in this user module. After entering the name, the user can see the specifics of the name entered on the display tab.

The source code for this project we uploaded a few days ago. Here’s the link:

Please note: The content, photos, logo, banners used on this website are for testing purposes only. This project is not planned for any business. It’s just a student project. If you have any comments or complaints, please post your reviews to freestudentprojects.com@gmail.com.





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