We have added Hostel Allocation System Review to this page. A Hostel Allocation System, which is primarily configured for the university hostel, is the proposed computer-based system. The system was defined in detail when constructing this system. This includes inputs, files, encoding, source or output, hardware, costs, precision, response times, and controls defined.


  1. Reliable, Flexible, and Secure: This project offers reliable security mechanisms that safeguard data and packages from unintended attacks that may result in unwanted modifications, data destruction disclosures, and password protection of the information system.
  2. Reduce paperwork: Provides electronic documentation of student records, saving device information rather than using cumbersome data.
  3. Add, Edit, Delete: Offers an option to enter data at any time and the ability to change device records. It also has the ability to uninstall documents.
  4. Room Allocation: It helps students to assign dynamically and manually rooms while encouraging the user to use his digestive system.
  5. Speed and accuracy: In managing data and producing all forms of reports, it achieves better speed and accuracy.
  6. Report Generation: Provides reliable and productive means of generating hard copies of information by producing hostel files, departmental allocation, allocation of special rooms, vacant rooms, etc. Next, it produces a preview report, which needs printing if the user presses the print button (Default paper size: A4 Sheet).
  7. Add a new room or students: It requires new residential halls to be built to make the arrangement successful regardless of the growing population of students in the university.
  8. Data backup: It offers a data backup that, by simply clicking on the RESET button, acts as a store of all documents at the end of each academic session.


  • All allocated room details
  • All unallocated room details
  • Fully allocated room details
  • Partially allocated room details
  • Allocation by hostels
  • Special rooms allocation details
  • Allocation by department, courses, etc
  • Allocation by floor
  • Allocation by Gender
  • Student information, address, contact information, etc


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