Chenne Mane Game Detailed design

This page includes the full design of the Chenne Mane Game. Detailed Planning is the second step of the design process. The detailed design basically extends the design of the device and the database to provide a more detailed explanation of the processing logic and the data structure such that the design is appropriate for coding.

The program kit includes the following functional elements.

  • Functional component 1:Login
  • Functional component 2:Player selection
  • Functional component 3:Game selection
  • Functional component 4:Score/result
  • Functional component 5:Alert

Main page

The description-This page is a home page that provides options for players to pick a game mode (LAN or Single), learn the game, read the rules and rules of the game.

If you have selected the game mode as the Single End, you can start playing the game directly on the next form. But if you prefer the other choice, i.e. LAN, you must register (for a new player) and then sign in to play the game with another player over the Local Area Network.

page

The description-This page helps players to log in to play the game (if the position is chosen as ‘user’). If the function is chosen as admin, the keyword must be entered to define the admin force. If a new player wants to register, he can press the link below the function combo box.

Register page

Description-A new player may register here by entering his info. These data would be stored in the archive. After that, he’s got to sign in to the previous page to play the game.

Forgot password

Description-If the user forges his password, the user must press the ‘Forgot Password’ button. In this scenario, he has to type his user name. After that, an SMS is sent to his mobile phone, which shows his password.

Selection page

Description-When a player logs in, the player must be picked from the list containing the players logging in via the LAN. A response will be sent to them by clicking against their addresses. If approved, the actual mode (playing mode) will commence.

Play page (LAN)

The description-This page provides the two players logging in to play against each other. Player 1 is the one that sends the request to another player. And the second player will be the one who welcomes the invitation. The game stops after three rounds. The player who conquers more seeds will be proclaimed the champion. The score and outcome of each match will be stored in the database. If the player creates the record as the top scorer, the SMS alert will be given to the one whose record has been beaten. This will force him to play again and win his high score spot again.

Play page (single-end)

Description-This functions close to the above page, except you, won’t have to log in to play in single-end mode. The match starts as two players type their names on the textboxes. Then the match will take place in three rounds. This offers a way to play on a single system, without the support of the LAN.

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