The Fitness Club Management System project will aim to create a new website (website running on a mobile platform) for fitness club businesses to be able to transfer their company online and to improve the availability, influence, and productivity of business processes. Also, consumers can access the company’s items provided with a gallery of a photo of the fitness club from the inside and all the facilities they are going to use. Customers may be those staff of the company’s office who want to attend the fitness club or any other.

In the first case, the IS procedure would enable the customer to register on the website to receive his username and password to be able to enter the website on the login page. The Customer’s record will be stored in the database and will have a unique identification number for each customer, and then the Customer will be able to access the list of classes that will move the Customer to the relevant class page so that he can read the class details and see the class scheduling and payment information. Often, the price of classes is going to be there so that they can determine which class they can take. If they have selected the class to join, they will be given a list of available payment methods: Visa Credit Card (online) or cash. When they pay online, they will get an invoice that determines the price for the number of months they choose to attend the exercise club, the class guide, the length of each class. Also, the system will include an offer page that contains coupons and deals for the product, so that the customer can keep in contact with the company’s sales and encourage his buddies to participate. Also, the device will produce a report to managers to aid them in the marketing forecast to verify which class of timings most chosen by consumers and which exercise machine they want to use.

The website aims to use IS and IT to help the company’s business and to reduce paper consumption. Also, the creation of a framework that can enhance the market function and include the user in the use of the system. Making it easier for the client to save time and make easy choices to join the health club by linking to the online information system. Increase the performance of the company to be able to deal with its rivals.




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