The natural resources management and development portal is a report that focuses on creating awareness related to the wildlife resources in the country. Natural resources are one of the most important resources for any country that matters. The maintenance of the natural resources is also important to preserve for the future. The importance of the Indian wildlife system is easily highlighted through this report. This report can also provide all the steps that are necessary for preserving wildlife in the country.

The following are some of the features underlying the natural resources management and development portal report:


  • This report can easily emphasize how the management of natural resources is taken place in the country.
  • The necessity for the preservation of natural resources is also available through this report.
  • The report is easily readable and understandable.


 Natural resources play a vital role in every person’s life. Without natural resources, people need to depend on artificial resources which are a risk to life. The advantages of using natural resources are also available through this report. Animal protection is the main aim of running this portal and the same is highlighted in the report. The suggestions for wildlife protection are also available through this report. This is in such a report that can all the details as to how and why we need to protect the natural resources that are essential for the bright future. 




Organization offices like add/update individuals, back up/recuperation of information, creating different reports, and so forth are handled in this module.


Clients can be from one or the other government or private offices, nature moderates, biologists, veterinarians, and untamed life sweethearts. Safe recognizable proof and profile handling administrations for enlisted clients and government and non-government associations.

Gathering individuals (enlisted clients):

To set up a board of analysts, give a tab on the information to be shared on the site and pick significant material from it to be posted. What’s more, this board will be liable for responding to the various inquiries of clients of the site.


Reports contain recently refreshed material on the site. Reports on past Wildlife gatherings and classes. The measurements for the examination of the pamphlet are additionally given in the report module.




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