OpenStack is an alternative to Amazon Web Services and other public cloud providers with an open-source, proprietary cloud. In a data canter, the device manages computation, storage, and networking tools. It is managed by a dashboard, a command line, or by the OpenStack API.

The OpenStack Cloud is a cloud computing project for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It is free open-source software published under the Apache License, which serves as a public or private cloud development, distribution, and customization tool. The aim is to provide all public and private clouds of any scale with a versatile and customized solution, and two fundamental criteria are considered for this matter: clouds must be easy to incorporate and massively scalable. OpenStack is split into numerous modules that act together to satisfy these ideals. Logstash is a log maintenance tool that is used by OpenStack here.

OpenStack Cloud


Clouds must be easy and massively scalable to incorporate. OpenStack is split into numerous modules that act together to satisfy these ideals. Via application programming interfaces – APIs – offered and consumed by each service, this convergence is accomplished. Services can communicate with each other with these APIs and also allow a service to be replaced by another with similar features only if the contact type is retained, i.e. OpenStack is expandable and satisfies the criteria of those who want it to be applied. From a deployer’s point of view, with more sensible defaults and the abundance of cloud distributions, each service in OpenStack has become easier to deploy. However, OpenStack’s view of architects has actually been more complex.


The goal of this project is to automate the installation of OpenStack to create a private cloud opensource network, build extensions for the Keystone portion, and also work on Logstash to handle OpenStack logs.


Front End:                        Ruby, Python

Backend:                          MYSQL 5.5.37

Operating System:           Ubuntu 12.10 or above, Centos6 or above

Other:                              Chef, Git

Chef:  It is the automation tool.



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