SRS documentation for Hospital Management System

This page provides the SRS files for the Hospital Management System. The SRS is created after the task of study. The purpose and performance assigned to the program as part of the system engineering process and refined by the establishment of a complete information definition, a detailed functional description, a representation of system actions, an indication of performance specifications and design restrictions, acceptable validation parameters, and other requirements-related information.

The SRS is the technical specification of the Hospital Management Framework specifications. This specification explains what the proposed framework can do without explaining how it would do so.


The key aim of our system is to make the hospital job simpler and to build software to replace the manual hospital system with an electronic hospital management system. This paper is a simple reference for the creators of this software framework.


The paper only includes the specification of the specifications for the hospital management framework. This paper does not include any references to the other part of the hospital management system. This paper also describes both external protocols and dependencies.

Feasibility Study:-

The ultimate scope of the feasibility analysis was to include adequate details to allow a decision to be reached as to whether the hospital management system project could continue and therefore its relative priority in the light of the other current hospital management system.

The feasibility review of this project was carried out through different measures defined as follows:

(a) Classify the sources of the knowledge at a separate level.
(b) Describe the preferences of the consumer from a computerized device.
(c) Evaluate the downside of the current method.

Definition, Acronyms, Abbreviations:- 

CFD: – Context Flow Diagram

DFD: – Data Flow Diagram

IDE: – Integrated Development Environment

Java:-PlatformIndependent,Object_orientedprogramming language

SQL: – Structured Query Language

SRS: – Software Requirement Specification.


1) Integrated Approach to Information Engineering, Third Version of Pankaj Jalote

2) Java – Balaguruswamy

3) SQL server 2005 – JosephL Jordan


The Hospital Management System is the method of integrating all hospital operations in a computerized, streamlined way to fasten efficiency.

The purpose of this project is to preserve patient details, lab results and measure the patient’s bill. You may also manually edit the patient information and give the receipt of the bill to the patient within a few seconds.


     Product perspectives:-

This initiative provides a procedural guide to how a patient seeks care, specifics of the date of treatment and ultimately, based on various factors such as space reserved, lab results, treatment, and medicine received, etc., how the billing is measured. A Health card billing facility is also considered.

Product Function:-

The following main role will be done by the data represented in the hospital management application:-

  • Patient Data:-Includes inpatient and outpatient details.
  • Reports from the laboratories
  • Billing with Data

This app will help you measure your bill much faster and better. This helps the organization to keep knowledge effectively and systematically.

User Characteristics:-   

This program is designed to make the overall presentation of the product more user-friendly. The operator will be given the username and password. This app can be used for general users of basic programming skills.

General Constraints:-

Any updates on hospital patient records should be registered to update and correct the values.

Assumption and Dependencies:-

All data entered will be right and up to date. This software package is built using Java as the front end supported by Sun Micro Framework, MS SQL Server 2005 as the back end supported by Microsoft Windows XP.

Performance Requirements:-

The output of the machine depends on the performance of the program. The program will take any number of inputs given the size of the database is big enough. This would depend on the memory space available.

Design Constraints:-  

This would allow doctors or users to access medical information automatically, if appropriate. They will also measure the bill for the patients in question. This app also has the power to add, edit and remove a record whenever necessary. This initiative would continue to smooth the transition of hospital operations.




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