Travel and Tourism Management System SRS

Travel and Tourism Management System SRS-Part 1


  • The purpose of the project is to build a framework that will simplify the processes and operations of the travel and tourism department.
  • The goal is to design a framework by which all operations relating to travel and sightseeing can be carried out.


  • In the new method, the customer would contact the different agencies to find specifics of places and to book tickets.
  • This also takes a lot of time and commitment.
  • The customer may not receive the requested information from these departments, and the customer may also be mistaken.
  • It is tiring for a customer to schedule a single trip and to get it carried out properly.


  • The suggested framework is a web-based program that maintains a consolidated archive of all related information.
  • The system allows one to quickly access the appropriate details and to make the required travel plans.
  • Users will select which places they want to visit and make online travel and hotel reservations.


To offer accessibility for consumers, interfaces have been built that can be viewed via a browser. The top-level GUI’s have been categorized as

  • Administration User Experience
  • Operational or General User Interface

The ‘administrative user interface’ relies on clear knowledge that is basically part of the corporate operations and requires adequate authentication for data collection. Ses interfaces support administrators with all transactional states, such as data addition, data deletion, and date updation, along with robust data search features.

The ‘Operational or Generic User Interface’ allows the end-users of the device to carry out transactions across existing data and services. The operating user interface often allows everyday users to handle their own details in a personalized way as part of the versatility included.




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