The Online Ticket Booking System is a ticket booking system that provides a single platform for all forms of ticket booking. Unless individuals step into the travel agent business to purchase the tickets and also to check the timings as in the previous point. The launch of the Online Ticket Booking System addresses this issue. This project would provide clients with an option to book tickets online and to search online for confirmation. Customers can book airline tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, and they can book or reserve hotels using this method.


Front end: PHP

Back End: MySQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows XP Operating System or above.
  • Pentium III 400MHz and Above512MB RAM
  • 15” Color Monitor
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Software Requirements

  • IDE: Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6.0
  • Server: Apache server
  • Database server: MySQL Server
  • XAMPP Software

Online Ticket Booking System

Project modules:

Flight ticket booking: The client will scan for the source-destination in this module, review flight timings, and book a ticket online.

  • Search flight ticket
  • View flights and flight schedules
  • Flight information
  • Make a ticket booking online
  • Cancellation

Bus ticket reservation module: There has been a set of buses, passengers can book the ticket by choosing the bus agency, date, and departure time. N bus ticket reservation module.

  • Search bus type
  • Advance bus ticket booking
  • Check Departure time and arrival time
  • Print E-Ticket
  • Cancellation

Train ticket reservation module:  Customers can review scheduled train timings in the train reservation module and can book tickets online by entering the location, date, and time.

  • Check seat availability
  • Fare inquiry
  • Online reservation
  • Search Train/Fare availability details
  • Train schedule details
  • Train type information
  • Cancellation

Hotel reservation: The device will have the option of searching for hotels after booking a train ticket, bus ticket, or flight ticket. By choosing the check-in date, check-out date, and hotel name, customers can book hotels.

  • Search hotels by entering the city
  • Find hotels and room types
  • Add check-in date and check-out date
  • Book or reserve domestic and international hotels
  • Cancellation

Holiday package: By entering the destination, the length of travel, the month of travel, and the number of individuals, the customer can look for tour packages.

  • Deals for holidays focused on vacations
  • Book Domestic and International holiday packages
  • Cancellation

Payment module: This module helps consumers to pay after booking. After payment, the customer will collect the ticket receipt by mail.

  • Make payment to selected service
  • Generate billing receipt
  • Update credit card details
  • View payment details

My Account: This module is for clients where, after login ID and password, consumers can enter the account module. The booked ticket, billing receipt, ticket cancellation tab, logout, etc. will be shown in this module.

  • Display booked receipt
  • Change password
  • Update profile information

Cancel booking: Flight fares, bus tickets, rail tickets, or hotel bookings may be canceled by consumers. The framework reimburses the amount spent by deducting cancellation fees.

  • Cancel booking details
  • Cancellation policy
  • Refundable and non-refundable booking amount

Dashboard module: This module helps the site administrator to handle the various facets of operations relating to ticket reservations. The web administrator may incorporate or change flight histories, buses, trains, holiday packages, etc.

  • Add, edit, view flight records
  • Add, edit, view bus agency, and busses.
  • Add, edit, view train details
  • Add, edit, view hotel information
  • Add, edit, view holiday packages
  • View bookings, View cancellation report
  • View payment report
  • Add users
  • Change password

Limitation of the project:

  • Connection to the Internet is needed
  • The device has a virtual portal for payments.

Future scope and more project reinforcement:

  • We will be able to create mobile smartphone applications in the future.
  • The framework already serves desktop computers and we will be able to make web browsers compliant in the future.

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