Title of the Project: Online Vehicle Showroom (OVS)

The objective of the project:
The goal of this project is to create a web application that shows online vehicle showrooms and online vehicle bookings. Customers will register and book on this site. By entering his login details, cars. The key operator of this system is the administrator, and he will install staff and new vehicle information.

Project Category: RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

Software Specifications:

  • Technology Implemented:   Apache Server
  • Language Used:   PHP 5.3
  • Database:   My SQL 5.5
  • User Interface Design :   HTML, AJAX, Javascript
  • Web Browser:   Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet explorer

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor:  Pentium, AMD, or Higher Version.
  • Operating System:  Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Linux
  • RAM:  256 MB, 2GB recommended
  • Hardware Devices:  Keyboard with mouse
  • Hard disk:  10GB or More
  • Display:  Standard Output Display


  • Main and Login Page:
    • The home tab, a neatly built page, offers the opportunity to log in here. A new signup service is now available for new users to sign up.
  • Vehicles page:
    • All vehicle details will be shown on this computer, with exact prices, specifications, model details, etc.
  • Vehicle Selection Screen:
    • To pick vehicles based on name, this search screen choice must be given. This choice helps consumers to choose vehicles depending on their model.
  • Booking page:
    • Users can book vehicles on this page by entering cart results. Upon booking vehicles, the user may receive details about the booked vehicles via mail. This page also provides the specifics of the invoice that the customer needs to make during the shipping time.
  • Admin Page:
    • Entry to this page is fully approved by the administrator. New vehicle information can be inserted by the administrator here, and he/she can add his workers.
  • Dealer Page:
    • Dealers can manage client information and can connect by mail with customers. If the customer forgets his dealer’s name, his password may be changed.

Future Scope of the Project:

The new scheme is being developed as a software application. We would like to improve it in the future for handheld devices such as android mobile phones or cell phones for iPhones. When a new vehicle model reveals, Booking date, Shipping date, etc., the customer will get warning SMSes.




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