As the name suggests, “Android-based App Locker” can lock the Android smartphone apps. Some people deliberately want to see apps or private items that are visible on other phones. And if we warn them not to see the problems they’re least concerned about. All have secrets that they don’t want to discuss with anyone else. This App Locker falls into the picture at that moment. This app can be used when you want to mask apps from anonymous users or when you don’t want someone to view your applications. Enabling this app restricts unfamiliar users to view the Facebook app, gallery app, or banking app. It is one of the programs used for security purposes. Many software locking apps are included in the google play store. But you should render your own Android app locker project to differentiate it from others. The cons of the app locking apps available can be made as pros in your project.

Android-based App Locker

Android based App Locker

The following features can be used in the Android app locker project:

  • Individual application lock
  • Face Recognition lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Password lock
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Location lock
  • Time lock




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