The civil administration reporting system is a report that can focus on the features of the civil administration in the country. The civil administration is the process that involves the people following the rules that the government lays. But the worries or complaints of the people are neglected to the core after the elections take place. There will be no one to take care of the issues in society. The higher authorities will not be notified regarding the same. The possibility of communicating directly with higher authorities is also not possible. It will make the civil administration work more smartly through the use of android phones. After their victory in the elections, the problems are not sharable by the public. The report can also focus on how the users can depend on civil administration applications easily.

The pros and cons of using the civil administration application are easily providable through this report. One needs to wait for some hours to get the problem solved. It enables the common public to lodge their complaints through this system so that the concerned higher authorities can solve the problems quickly. To have the civil administration function smoothly, there should be a proper understanding between the public and higher authorities. Transparency is one of the main motives for using this application between the public and government authorities.

Android Civil Administration Reporting System



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