The normal dictionary that we refer consists of the words and their meaning. In the same way, the Android Dictionary App will have a list of words and their meaning. This is one of the easiest android app that you can create. But as the number of words and their meaning increases, the complexity of the project also increases. Dictionary is one of the useful thing that we use when we are unable to know the meaning of a particular word.


Android Dictionary App :

Android Dictionary App

Nowadays the smart phones are used for a number of useful stuffs. If this Dictionary android app is installed on your smart phone, you can just search for the word meaning that you need without opening a dictionary. Applications installed on our smart phones have made our job easier. If you have a dictionary android app, you can search for the meaning of the word that you require.

You can create a dictionary Android Project with few words and their meanings in the beginning and then continue adding few more words and their meanings.  You can add, update and delete the words that you have in your project. This project will allow you to search for the word and the word meanings that you are not aware of. You can also have a dictionary Android project that is available offline which does not require the internet access.

The features that can be included in this project are:

  • Add new words
  • Update new words
  • Delete the existing words
  • Search option




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