Android Smart Messenger is an Android app such as Whatsapp, camping, google, etc. Nobody in this world is inexperienced with Whatsapp, Hike. Planning for some night out or any other matter of interest, we focus on smart chat applications other than direct phone conversations. Most of the discussions are going on today with these smart chat applications. Whatsapp and Hike are the most popular smart messaging applications. The functionality of these apps is being developed regularly. You can send texts, images, emojis, stickers, location, video, etc through these smart messaging apps. It also helps you to talk with people and communities. An app of this type can be developed for the final year of the Android project. You should resolve the cons of the available chat applications to strive to overcome them in your project and make it look and work exclusive to others. You may create a version of Watsapp or Hike to make it more fun. You should add more functionality to your smart messaging software project to differentiate it from other smart messaging applications.

Android Smart Messenger

Android Smart Messenger

These features can be used in your Smart Messaging App project:

  • Single chatting
  • Group chatting
  • Voice chatting
  • Share any type of files less than 100MB

So start making your own Smart Messaging app and enjoy its features.




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