All in this world loves to fly around the globe, go on trips, and love flying. But touring with our families, relatives or friends is only possible if you know the road and intend to get to the destination. To this end, there are tours and travel companies across the globe that satisfy our need to visit our destinations. Travel to the destinations that one is preparing is simpler with a travel control program. All information relevant to the destination visit can be easily reached with one click of the mouse. This is an application that can give you the experience of booking different kinds of trips that you can pick quickly.

Android Travel Management System

This enables the user to choose their appropriate location, tour package details, ticket booking, online payment, and search facility for clients from various destinations. You may also provide information about the resorts that are available in a certain destination. The program you have developed must be user-friendly. The user interface will give users the ability to interact with a travel management system. There are several travel companies and their Smartphone applications available in the Google Play Store. You should go over it and list the pros and cons. The features underlying the Android travel management system project are as follows:

  • Information about all the famous destinations
  • Information about the tour package
  • Online ticket booking option
  • Online Payment option



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