Artificial intelligence is one of the booming fields that most companies look forward to. The artificial intelligent chatbot for appliance control is a report that can easily highlight how the chatbot can help in the control of electrical appliances. People especially the old aged find it difficult to control the appliances at home. What if there is a chatbot that can help in achieving it? Yes, the artificially intelligent chatbot makes it possible. This report can highlight the pros and cons of using the chatbot application.

The features underlying this chatbot report are as follows:


  • Easy maintenance: This report can provide the details of the maintenance of artificial intelligence chatbot easily.
  • Useful: The usefulness of using this artificial intelligent chatbot application is easily available.
  • Reduce work: This report can also highlight how the application can help in reducing the work of the people.


The handicapped and the old aged find it difficult to carry out the day to day activities especially in handling the appliances. This report can provide benefit details easily. It can also allow the users to automate the way of controlling the alliances at home or office. The users can easily chat with the chatbot and ask it to control the particular appliances easily. So using this, the users need not work on their own to control the appliances. All the work is easily achievable just through the use of the chatbot for appliance control, application.



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  • Pradeep

    June 23, 2021 - 12:55 AM

    I need a project for BCA 2nd semester . Preferably cloud based project

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