cargo portal

Cargo portal project modules:

Login: Admin logs into the device and reviews the amount of enquiries obtained. Sends shipment information to clients

Shipping details: Items purchased by clients shall be issued with an assurance by reaching them by mail. The insertion of shipping data is one of the main measures to ensure a smooth Paisa Pay transaction. If the purchaser’s payment has been verified, you have up to 5 days (10 days for foreign deliveries) to ship the item and include shipping information in My Paisa Pay unless the purchaser has approved any proposal for an extension of timeframe from the seller and has told eBay (not valid in the case of Cash on Delivery) or eBay at its discretion has given separate deadlines to some sellers (‘Shipping Deadline’).

Things for which you need to input your shipping information will appear with the Enter Shipping Details button on the “Sold with PaisaPay” page.

Remainder mail: The residual mail is sent to the client in order to ensure that their order has been received by the company and that the items purchased are shipped within 48 hours.

Delay mail: If the product requested by the consumer is not currently available in the business or if the ordered goods cannot be shipped within a period of time, the customer may be contacted by delay mail.

Track goods: Consumers can track goods through the details supplied by the company. We’ve been to many occasions where customers ask us “were is their shipment,” “when was it shipped,” or “can you please provide the tracking number.” The best thing about this program is that it’s specifically related to your eBay vendors account and the item you’ve ordered.

As soon as we build the sticker, an email is sent to us and the customer with the tracking details. If this email is missing, the customer will go to the “Order Details” of the product to find the tracking number. It will show it right next to the product, which is basically a connection that the customer will click on to check the status of the shipment.

Unfortunately, the information is not regularly updated until it is in the main branch of the post office. But it’s already a matter of the mind of our clients that the kit is on its way.

Accounting: Correct Estimates (Billing), Product/Service Taxes Rules, Exemption Certificates and Reporting.

Job opportunities: We welcome you to be part of our family of teachers and learners. The distinction that we seek in our new hires, which sets them apart from the others, is zeal and dedication for work, quality service and customer service. Our customer is the core of all our operations and the most important aspect of our market. We want all of our staff to ‘go the extra mile’ for our client.

Development opportunities: We have developed a corporate-wide training initiative to put learning to work through the use of in-house, trained coaches and the intranet. Individual training requirements are defined, training goals are set, the required module is applied and, ultimately, the success of the training is assessed and measured by MIS training. The purpose of the training is to develop skills to adapt to the dynamic business world and to build leadership. Many of our managers have come up from the ranks.


-Enquiry: In these, any visitor can ask about the available price quality items.

About us: Offers full information about the organization, location, divisions, certifications.

Help: Clarifications pertaining to our website will be provided with appropriate solutions to make it easier for any customer to access our website.

News: The latest things about the company, the newly formed division and the current state of the company are listed here.




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