Employee and Payroll System

Worker and Payroll System, this undertaking is made in the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. This project keeps the record of representatives working in the organization. A client can add, erase or update the record of at least one employee. This project additionally calculates the salary of employees and store them in a data set.

All about Employee and Payroll System:

After it, we compose the coding of the above notice structure which is characterized underneath:-

Coding for add record for Employee.

Coding to erases the record.

Coding for altering the record from the information base.

Coding foresees the record structure.

Coding for the development sees record structure.

Coding for the compensation data structure.

Coding for the compensation input structure.

Coding for the erase pay structure.

Coding for some catch, for example, leave, drop, ok next, pas,t and find button.

This venture keeps the record of representatives working in the organization. A client can add, erase or update the record of at least one worker. This task additionally computes the compensation of workers and stores them in a data set. So we characterize the coding of each from, one thing which is I neglected to disclose to you that we make an Eleven structure in this task which is notice underneath

Welcome Form

Login Form

Principle Form

Add New Record Form

Erase Record Form

Alter Record Form

View Record Form

Advance View Record

Pay Information Form

Alter Salary Form

Erase Salary Form



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