Health care agencies need to create and incorporate data from patients, physicians, nurses, ward boys, back office, pharmacists, etc. Health care companies need to work 24*7. Help or assistance must be given by calls that are made. The health care website aims to replace pen paper work, archives, directories, etc. The computer system for health care facilities helps track patient records, physicians, billing and payment collection, and much more. Information on all these problems can be accessed by clicking the mouse. This database initiative would allow the health care organisation to function in an automated manner.

Health care organization Database Project

The database for any matter it concern is created in order to reduce the pen paper work that is done by the particular organizations. Before any new patient meets the doctor, he/she will be registered in the database. Once the patient has been diagnosed, the doctor will check the patient records as well as the condition he/she is suffering from. Treatment needed to treat this disease can also be reported. If the patient has already entered the heath care center and is waiting at the front desk, you can only know his information by entering the name or patient id that was given to him at the time of registration. The rooms in which the patient is admitted may also be registered. In addition to the physicians, the health care organizations would include nurses and guard boys. There will be nurse and a ward boy that each doctor will be assigned. Also they can be assigned to the patients to take care of them. The bill will be drawn up on the grounds of the care that is taken. Patients either pay the bill by check or cash. The record of each payment shall also be kept by the health care agency.



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