Home automation is one of the tools that is gaining a lot of importance in today’s fast-moving world. Home is the place where many appliances need to be handled manually and with care. But automation is necessary for handling such applications. So the home automation can easily be achievable through the use of a simple android application. For example, switching on and off of the electrical appliances can easily possible through the use of the simple android application.

The features underlying this home automation using a simple android app are as follows:


  • Automation: This application’s main aim is to automate the way of using appliances at home.
  • Useful: This is one such application that can be helpful to the old aged people who find it difficult to handle the appliances.
  • Importance: This is one such application that is gaining importance because of the automated features available.


Home automation can help the users to automate the way of using the application. This report can highlight the features of home automation that is beneficial to people. All the important advantages of using this home automation are easily available here. The way of how it is working also available. One can easily use this application with a small amount of knowledge on android applications since it can help in easy management. All the importance and features are easily provided which can enhance its usage. The people staying at home especially the old and handicapped can benefit from it.



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