JAVA based Hospital Management System

The key purpose of creating this JAVA-based Hospital Management System project is to offer improved hospital management services to both physicians and patients. This Java-based Hospital Management System can hold all patient information, medical data, and patient bills. It may be found in any Hospital, Pharmacy, Polyclinic, or Pathology laboratory to preserve patient details and test results. This article includes Java source code for the Hospital Management System, database files, and notes.

java based hospital management system

Project title:

JAVA based Hospital Management System

Technologies to be used

This project is being developed in JAVA with a MsAccess database as a backend.

  • Database Design (MS Access)
  • Form Design (JAVA Programming)
  • Coding (JAVA Programming)
  • Testing (JAVA Programming)

About JAVA

  1. Java is an object-based programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1991.
  2. Java has become a commonly used programming language on the Internet.


  • Standalone Applications
  • Applets
  • Web Applications
  • Distributed Applications

Please find the web page below to download the JAVA Hospital Management System.

Running a JAVA based Hospital Management System

  • When a program is compiled (e.g. C or C++ program), it is directly converted into a platform/processor-specific machine code.
  • But running a Java program is a two-step operation. Java translation from source code to executable code is done using two translators:
  1. Java Compiler: The Java software is first compiled into the Java compiler bytecodes. Bytecode is the same as machine code, but it is not special to any platform, i.e. it cannot be implemented on a computer without further localization.
  2. Java Interpreter: The Java Interpreter performs bytecodes after translating and transforming them to machine code. One thing to be remembered here is that the Java program runs slower than the C/C++ programs since there are two forms of translations in the Java program.

We need an editor, Java Compiler, and Java Runtime Environment to write and execute the Java application.

The editor may be a text editor such as Notepad, WordPad, etc.

The Hospital Management System project is available in VB.NET and Visual Basic 6.0. Find the below web page :

For more project ideas visit

For Source code of all projects visit





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