Multilevel Marketing System

The Multilevel Marketing Strategy is a network marketing system with a powerful web software system with all the required functionality to manage a profitable MLM business. For the Multi-Level Marketing System Administrator, a system management module will be created. Like user management and product management, this system has skills such as rational access management or LAN.


Search and Manage Member, Managing Transaction

To retain Members, goods, member chain, transactions, and improved atomized online structure is created.

  • Device users can add a new member and connect the new member to hold a tree like a member chain hierarchy.
  • Device consumers will sell to the members the goods.
  • Add, update and search the membership information to the boss.
  • All purchases, such as sales and buys, can be saved and recovered when needed for any changes to product data, Member profile.
  • Build the framework for very big data support that to process massive database sizes and competitors without reducing performance.
  • Preserve user and compliance capability.

System Administration

For the Multi-Level Marketing System Administrator, a system management module will be created. This framework comprises user control and inventory management facilities such as logical access management or LAM.

  • The Web-based System Administration Module will include the following features:
  • Can manage Logical Access Management – LAM
  •  The System Administrator may add and change system users, and can also set certain system resources to certain users’ rights and privileges.
  • Will handle the specifics of the product.
  • Will change purchases.
  • May display reports

Technology Used
SQL Server

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