The Online Exam Portal will permit to take and give online examination and maintaining master information and generating various reports of test. The main users of the project are Student or Member and system Administrator. From an end-user perspective, the e Examination System Project consists of two functional elements: enhanced Member modules for registration, giving examination, manage profile. And Administration module for Mange members, examination, question bank and view the reports.


Online Exam Portal

Online Exam Portal

Member and Examination Module – An enhanced interface for student to registration, edit profile, login, select examination, and give examination, view results, view answers Following modules pages are available for members.

CM-1: Home – It is the default page for the site. All links are available in this page.

CM-2: Login – Student need to login to view his account information and buy the product. If student forgets his password he can get back old password from Forget password link. New student can register for this site by click on register link.

CM-3: Register – New Student need to register to give examination. Type all the details of the student like email id, name, address, contact details and submit. System validate for email id, it should be unique.  In login process student need to type email id and password.  Student should type valid email id because if he forget password old password will be sent to this email address.

CM-4: My Account – It shows the details of currently logged student details, previously saved test results can be viewed here and other links like Edit Profile, Logout, and Change Password.

CM-5: Edit Profile – Student can edit his profile like personal details, address, contact no, display name however student can not edit email address once register.

CM-6: Change Password – Student can change his password from this link. Student must type his old password to change the password with new password.

CM-7: Logout – By clicking this link user logged out from this site all user session reset to default value.

CM-8: Examination – Student can view the available examination by selecting any examination from list, system display details of test like, examination name, description, total available question, number questions for test, total time, passing marks.

CM-9: Test – It display the test page, system randomly select questions from question bank and display one by one to the student. Student navigate the questions and select the right answer from available options, after complete the examination system display the results instantly and save the test details in system for future reference.

CM-10: View Answers – After completing the examination student can view the answer for each question.

Administration and Question Bank Module – Administration module used to enter and edit examination details, question banks, maintain the members and view the reports; The Web-based administration module will include the following features:

AM-1: Login – Login page for the administrator. All admin users are identified by the user name, password. Admin user can create new examination maintain question banks.

AM-2: Members – It show list of members registered in the site.

AM-3: Examination – Add edit the examination details.

AM-4: Question Bank – Maintain the question bank for selected examination, Administrator can add, edit the question and answers.

AM-5: Results – Display list of test results.

AM-6: Logout – By clicking this link admin user logged out from this site all user session reset to default value

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