Onlline hotel management systemOnline Hotel Reservation Platform provides hotel update information, interactive hotel listing, and hotel room search and collection, tariff estimate, availability display, room reservation, booking monitoring, and reporting to the hotel owner. Online hotel management system-hotel application system is an end-to-end solution for the online hotel booking process that includes hotel update information, interactive hotel listing, and hotel room search and collection, tariff measurement, availability view, room booking, booking monitoring, and reporting to the hotel owner.

Online Hotel Management

System features and modules

Home – This is the default web page. Plays a new list of hotels. Customers should browse the hotel category wisely or check the hotel by country and booking date.

Hotel Details – The search result will be shown here, the customer can search the hotel by country, city, and date of booking. The device will show the available hotels for the stated search conditions

Reservation – Reservation – Customer picks the hotel from the reservation list, fills in the information such as name, address, phone number, date of the booking, no rooms, payment details, and sends the confirmation details. The device reviews all details and produces no booking reference for future reference. This booking reference was emailed by Machine to the client and the owner of the hotel.

View Reservation – Display Booking – Customer can view the specifics of the previous booking by entering the booking reference no.

Picture Gallery – The device can show a snapshot of hotels uploaded by the owner of the property. Each photo will have a link to see the specifics of the hotel.

Hotel Registration – The hotel owner can enter all the information of the hotels, including the name of the hotels, country, area, overview, no floor, no rooms, facilities available. Hotel rank, address, contact information, photos. The machine validates the information entered by the hotel owner and stores the details. After saving the data, send an email to the owner for clarification. The administrator reviews the data and confirms the listing.

Login – Login screen for administrators and other device customers. Admin accounts are known by the user name, password, and type of user.

Change Password – Change the default logged-in account password.

Logout – By clicking on this page, the user logs out of this site, all user sessions are reset to the default value.

Hotels – Open a list of hotels, update hotel information, add a new hotel with the name of the hotel, address, contact details, amenities, and hotel image for best viewing of the hotel image must be in (150X150 pixels) and store the image in the hotel image folder in the root directory.

Reports – Displays the report for the selected date range as none of the reported hotels, the transaction kept for the selected date range.


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