Online retail management provides an opportunity for customers to buy the products easily with just one mouse click. The effective management of the database is possible through this application. Through this project, the customer will be able to login into the application and issuable with the unique customer name and customer id. E-commerce is one such application that requires the buying and selling of goods is easier through the use of an application.

Online Retail Management System

Online Retail Management System

E-Commerce is gaining importance with its new features introduced.  Many business houses are making use of e-commerce as a part of their business assumed to be another way of making a profit. Shopping on the web through the internet has become a common process. An online store is a store where the customers can browse the items of their choice. Using the online retail application database project, the customer should register to purchase any item. The bill easily generatable based on the prices of the number of items purchased. The bank account given at the time of the registration will be used to settle the bill. The customer can also specify where a particular item should be delivered.



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