Online Voting System


The purpose of this system is to implement the computerization of the details, Polling results, current Polling and candidates. The Online Polling  System is supported through the college Student Records System (SRS). This allows students to login and be authenticated as an entitled voter for election purposes. The Online Polling System is recognized as secure and accurate in its ability to authenticate students and to tabulate voting results.

Project ID : 061120110111
This is Final year  BCA student project.

Students : The person one who votes for the candidates.
Administrator  : The person one who is authorized to keep record of the site content and Administrator can maintain Student and candidate records.
Candidate  : One who stands for voting.
Login ID : It is an ID which is unique to Students, Administrator as well as Candidates.
The Online Polling systemwill be operated by the administrator and administrator can set time and votingdays.
Locations of the OnlinePolling system will be determined by the elections administration teamdefinitively.
The Administrator will beresponsible for activating the Online Polling system at the start of the votingperiod and deactivating the Online Polling system at the conclusion of thevoting period.

This project works well inPCs having PHP 5.0 and MySql 5.2 installed properly.
This student Project available for free of cost.