The Quiz Android app project is a student project that manages online quizzes via cell phone and tablet PC. Smartphones are so common that they support a range of available applications. Android is a well-known operating system. The success of Android apps is gaining a lot of value. One of the basic android apps is the Android Quiz app. Starters who are worried about developing apps using Android Software Creation should begin with a basic Quiz Application Android project. Awareness about the programming of the Database lets you realize that. No understanding of the programming of the database. Not to think about it!! This Android Quiz Application Project can be completed with or without database connectivity.

Quiz application Android project

Those lacking knowledge of database programming will lead to the Android Project quiz without database connectivity. There is no need to link the Android app to the online database. So people with no knowledge of database programming can create an Android application. As the number of questions will be set, it will be quick and convenient for beginners. If the program has been mounted, there will be no power of your hands. If you don’t want to correct the number of questions, you need to go to the Quiz database connectivity program. Quiz questions and answers will be processed if the database is used to build an Android script. The project consists of two interfaces: the web interface and the app interface.



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