Railway Reservation System Project idea

The Railway Reservation System is planned to simplify the railway reservation system. It includes the modules needed for the smooth operation of the rail reversion operation. It has a trainmaster to incorporate changed train information, the train schedule to reach the train journey details includes all the names of the station, the time of arrival, and the time of departure. It involves the measurement of the automated fare for the distance between two stations.

The reservation module consists of an automatic seat and no allocation system for coaches. A regular schedule of upgrades not to validate the seat and coach no. All masters such as train masters, train schedules, booking fees, cancelation fees must be changed separately from the front end and adjustments must be mirrored instantly in all modules. The new “Railway Reservation System” was then intended to simplify the railway mechanism for the reservation of tickets and back-office operations. The device will make day-to-day operations effective and have a quick response.

Railway Reservation System – Modules

1. Security Module-Security Modules provide security functions such as user management and device-level password control.

2. Maintain User Master-Each user is defined by user name and type of user. Only the admin user can build and edit user details.

  • Password must be 6 characters in length.
  • The password must be alpha-numeric.
  • When developing a login system that assigns the user’s default password, the user must change the default password for the first time to log in.
  • Both login timestamps are contained in the protection audit system.
  • Access level and responsibilities and rights are set for various categories of users.

3. Master Management Module-The Master Management Module contains the following submodules.

4. Station Master – Each station is individually identified by the Station ID system created. It also includes the station code, the name of the station, and the name of the railway division.

5. Train Master – Each train individually marked by train No, includes the name of the train, the train timetable, the days of the week of the train. No coaches are available for 3-tier AC, First Class, Slipper Class, etc.

6. Train Timetable – Which provides specifics of the train trip from the start point to the end station, both between the station, the distance between the two stations, the time of arrival and departure.

7.Fare Law – Helps measure fares by size, accepts various forms of fare estimates for different classes such as AC1, AC3, etc.

8. Cancellation Fees Rule-Specifies the master details for the estimation of all cancelation fees for fares.

9. Booking and Super Quick Payments – Provide master details for the estimation of all cancelation fees for tickets.

10. Transaction Module – The transaction module includes the following sub-modules.

  • Reservation – This element, used to make a reservation, asks for input details such as train no, journey date, station code, end station code. The system has an effective validation rule to verify validation as the date of the journey must be more than the date of the method, the date of the journey must be within 90 days. The train should run on the chosen day. Check for the station and the station. Seat availability, while saving the record system, produces no PRN, no seat, and no coach. Please ask for final approval before saving the system. The machine automatically calculates the fare and stores the information.
  • Cancellation – For cancelation of the fare, ask for PRN no, after entering the proper PRN no device checks on the authenticity of the PRN no, if it is been canceled, the journey date has already expired. I validate the device to show all the specifics of the reservation. The device automatically calculates the cancelation fees from the cancelation law master. Please ask for clarification before saving the record system.
  • Update Seat No for unconfirmed passengers – Plan activity, machine query for all canceled tickets on a given journey date and transfer all empty seats to unconfirmed passengers.
  • Actual Cash Transaction – indicates how much money is paid and how much money is refunded daily. Both data can be exported to MS Excel to be reviewed and stored in the file system.

11. Query Module-A powerful query module contains on-screen information for a specific PRN NO, demonstrates all the specifics of the reservation and cancellation, includes a current status for a seat no, coach no.

Railway Reservation System – Advantages

  •  Completion of the end of the system for all operations related to the railway reservation system.
  •  Embraces the entire life cycle of reservation of tickets, redistribution of seats, and cancelation of tickets. Reschedule the cancelation seat for the unconfirmed passenger.
  •  It’s a scalable device.
  • Simple to use and minimal data entry, all necessary information are matched and included in the drop-down list to make quick activity and prevent error.
  • Automated fare estimation from stage master, all new reservations will automatically be mirrored in the new fare change in stage master.
  • Only the front-end master module will change all relevant information.
  • Recover lost codes.
  • Advanced security features;




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