As the name suggests, the database of the school management system will be used to help facilitate the proper management of the school. The school is made up of staff, teachers and pupils. It demands that the details of staff and students be saved in a well-organized manner. Many of the schools would not have the facilities to retain this knowledge that is really relevant in the computer system. It’s going to be contained in those archives and documents. This may also result in the misplace of the files and the folders. So by implementing this school management system database project it can help to manage the school related information to be stored in a more secure way.

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With the transition in technology, we can all respond to the developments that are taking place in and around us. When you went to the school offices there, you may have found a large volume of files that will be packed together and kept in the corner. It is in those files and directories where the student and staff records will be processed. No protection is given for this information contained in these massive piles of files. The school management database project helps in overcoming all these problems. The information of the staffs like name, address, qualification, classes handled will be stored in this database. The information of the students like name, class, section, roll number, fees related information can be stored. The teachers and the students are inter-related. There can also be information stored based on the rooms where the particular classes are going on. There will also be details about the laboratories that are available in the school so that you can see that there is no confusion with the various courses that are to be held in the same classroom.


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