Shoe Store Billing Management System

The principle target of Shoe Store Billing Management System is to Computerized the charging some portion of the Bata Store. This venture created utilizing Visual essential 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver.


The existing structure relies upon manual work and all the cycles are done actually, so they keep up registers and reports for recording all the nuances of the system. They save a couple of registers for recording the segment of consistently trades, for instance, charging of the shoes to the clients, etc

They keep up the record for their clients so they keep each and every piece of information regarding their standard clients in the master archive. In the relative style, they keep up the records of their social events so they keep each and every piece of information concerning their get-togethers in the get-together expert archive.

They keep the bill book or cash book to keep up the record for each proposal of the shoe or trade-in the bata store. They in like manner keep up the individual book for each client for their own trades so when essentially more than one the month or year when the client comes for the portion they see the bock and make the bill.

Basically, they keep up the book for their get-togethers so they can pay the money to them after some time. Thus keeping up social affair information, client information, party trade, and all the things are done actually.


The time of structure assessment measure oversees issues that are Affecting the current manual system. The issues are those which are Affecting the Bata store in it step by step plan work.

As the creating design in InfoTech universe of PCs needs of accuracy, Perfectness, speed and high memory data amassing is a flat out need. Each and every Problem ought to be settled with the least proportion of time and energy.

The issues looked at by the existing structure are portrayed as underneath :

Irksome in Maintenance of Records.


Adjusting data transforms into dull work.

No Security of  Data.

Mistakes Occurring in long Calculations [Total Billing, Grand entireties, yearly charging, etc… ]

Proper Generation of Report.

Nonappearance of Efficiency and Man Power.

Shoe Maintenance.

Irksome in Maintenance of Records :

It is difficult to keep up data records in the structure as all the records are entered in the register or the specific record books. There are chances of the record books or archives in which all the data is kept may be torn or wearied out or some various damages which achieve the obliterated data. Moreover, an issue occurs if the data record or register is lost somewhere else and isn’t getting at the hour of certified essential of the data set aside. It is in a like manner difficult to keep up old records and registers which have data of past years which the owners have put something aside for future references.

The issue happens when the proposal of the shoe is more and when the month to month report or bill is made then the owner necessities to encounter parts of the record and which is an uncommonly bleak endeavor.

Monotonous :

It is a dreary cycle to make each and every part in the informational index register. Moreover, it requires some speculation if all the segments are repeated. In the system cycles, for instance, making particular sort of reports, charging, repetitive checks are cases of the monotonous cycle in the structure.

It is moreover dreary cycle to know the total number of offers done by the Bata store when formed truly anyway through the modernized system it requires some speculation as it is quick and exact.

Changing of Data :

Manual formed data can’t be changed or adjusted once written. If there is a stumble and if we endeavor to create it makes the register grimy and disorderly, which establishes a dreadful connection of the business. If data is entered off base whole report gets incorrect whole document gets mistaken while bumbles can’t be easily tended to by modifying wrongly entered data.

If one had treated some horrible segment, by then to change the one has to experience lots of records and,  again and again modifying the record makes it difficult to scrutinize.

Data Insecurity :

As the data is taken care of in records or registers, it isn’t in a secured spot. As the limit media here are records and books or registers there are chances of getting these limit media lost, torn, or it may go in the hand of the wrong person which can crush the informational index or it can moreover be obliterated circumstantially. Moreover, in the system data should be appeared to the person as shown by his position and post in the working environment everybody should not be allowed to use all the data.

If the data goes in the hand of the wrong individual, by then he/she may favor the situation of the data and the Bata store may go into hardship. So security is the critical piece of the Bata store.

Report  Generation  :

After a particular stretch of time if the customer needs to look at his outright charging or all advantage or complete utilization of month to month bargain than it ends up being incredibly dull for the owner to check all the respected data and as demonstrated by the data making a specific report for the trades. A computerized system having report making office can accomplish this work successfully and moreover, the owner can different kinds of layouts and diagrams to make him appreciate the great and terrible occasions of his Bata store.



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