The smart health consulting system is a report that highlights the exact working of the smart health consulting application. Health is very important for every human being in this world. Health is one of the key factors that lead a person to succeed in his life. But unfortunately, it is the factor that is being neglected today. Our life is becoming easier through the internet facility and the applications that are available online. The government based health sectors, people, and medical agencies come into the picture while we hear about it. The report can easily highlight the advantages of using the smart health consulting application.

The report can also emphasize the importance and features of the smart health consulting application. Some people will not be aware of the government based health centers that are present in their city and about the facilities that they provide. People go to private hospitals to obtain the treatment rather than going to government-based centers. If there is an application created based on the health sector, through this not only the people will be able to get the information regarding it but also the government health centers will be able to provide better health facilities. The Smart Health Consulting Android system will bring all the medical agencies under one roof. People will not be aware of the information of the doctors that they require for the particular treatment that they need. So the medical agencies can guide the people about the doctors available in particular hospitals. Sometimes when there is an emergency or when there are accidents, people just rush to the hospital without even knowing whether the empty beds are available so that the patient can be admitted. If the empty bed is not found then the patient must be rushed to another hospital which might result in the death of the person due to the delay.



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