Social Networking Website

Social Networking Website

There are several social networking platforms on the market that have been created for various reasons, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. People will enter, write to each other, build various groups of people on such sites. In a standard case, you register on a web page and send invites to your friends to join your network or party. Your friends, in exchange, invite your friends, and so forth. Somebody will see the details just after entering the network.

Social Networking Website

Web Development

Web development is a general term for the development of Internet or intranet websites that involves web design, web content development, client/server scripting, web server, application server, network protection, etc. Web production uses a number of methods, such as PHP and Smarty, to create dynamic web sites and consists of several fields, some of which are described below.

• Client Side Programming.

• Server Side Programming.

• Persistence Layer.

• (Security Considerations for all levels).

Such architecture is called a three-tier architecture.

Client Side Programming

Client side programming refers to techniques and programs that can be used in a web application to be viewed by users’ web browsers. These techniques and programs are an important part of an interactive HTML, for instance Javascript and Ajax.

Server Side Programming

User side programming refers to actions that are done by a server called from client side programs. User requests are made by a server and they require access to information from sources that are not immediately accessible to clients. It’s PHP. Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side programming language intended to create interactive web sites. PHP code is embedded in HTML documents and interpreted by a database server using a PHP parser.

Security Considerations

There are also security concerns when developing software applications and it is important to secure corporate data by managing information in business databases and out of databases. For eg, data entry error checking by forms used by the user, filtering output to protect sensitive data, and encryption of data. It is necessary to validate web apps before they are published to the public in a production environment. Online servers and databases must be kept secure from outside attacks when exchanging data.. Many technologies exist to keep the information on the internet safe when it is transmitted from one location to another, for instance, Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) or Certificates that are issued by certificate authorities to help prevent internet fraud. A weakness in any layer of a web application makes the application vulnerable to attack.

Design Considerations

The architecture of social networking platforms is complicated and requires a great deal of study. One crucial point is that when constructing such programs, all functionalities must be user-friendly. There are several things that need to be addressed when developing social networks, and some of the most important aspects are described below.

Clear information for visitors. When people visit a social network site, they have to know all about the purpose of the site within seconds because most people don’t have time to find out what a site is about, if they can’t see that from the beginning. The site’s title, graphics, logotype and other elements of the site have to be obvious and self-speaker for visitors.

• Clear information for users. That is important to have clear and updated information for users of the site to make the trust between the site and users stronger and make them more interested in the site.

• Users and visitors should be able to do some options. A social network site should give both visitors and the site’s users something professional to do. For example, logging in for users and signing up for visitors. The site should give visitors other options too, for instance, gives them the opportunity to know what the site is about quickly or describes the requirements before they sign up, let them search for people they already know on the site and give them the opportunity to see why they should sign up in the site before they sign up, because it leads to trust between the site and visitors.

• Provide users with interesting information of their friends or groups. It is important that users can see what their friends are doing or what is new within their groups from the moment they log in to the system.

• Make it easy to find friends. The users of a social network site should be able to find friends easily. The site should let users to search by different search options like an email, school, company, name, age and other options.

• Configurable Profile pages by users. A social network system needs security considerations but on the other hand, the site should let users at least do some ability to make their site reflect their personality. For example, through color schema, backgrounds, adding information about themselves, comment on their activities.

• Regular information changing. The characteristic of a social network design is that, the user’s information can change constantly. Updating individual contents are important because this keeps users coming back, because there is always something more and new to do.

• Let users create their own classes. A effective social network helps people to create various communities to organize their peers, such as business contacts, friends and families. The platform should encourage users to link their contacts to more than one community at a time.

• Search functionality. A social network site should let users to find information they are looking for.

Social networking website type:
Our social networking is a multi-lingual social networking site.  The multilingual website is awebsite which provides contents of more than one languages.





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