Client-Server Chat Program is a full client/server chat solution for an individual chat system (it does not depend on any product of communication and chat). It has a good and simple user interface that uses Socket Programming in Visual Basic 6.0. Multiple links may be approved.

 Client - Server Chat Application

There are also a few built-in commands that include the date of the server being retrieved, the time of uptime, and can also be shut down remotely. Windows Sockets are used by both the client and the server to link and transmit text lines to each other. This software is a GUI interface for Net Submit that allows identity spoofing, friend management, posting blocking, and domain device scanning. This software makes it easy to locate and communicate with individuals on the LAN easily without being online and makes the net messages easier to understand.PrismServer abstracts the concepts of a chat-enabled system, such as building and accessing chat rooms, sending and receiving chat messages, and holding user accounts, and makes them available by simple properties, procedures, and events.

The server features The history of texts, statistical information, simple user control, and contacts.

Client features: Instant text, multi-user correspondence, multi-speed file transfer, offline texts, auto-save interactions, local timestamps, contact groups, custom statuses, custom alerts, print/print clips, submit mail conversations and more, multi-speed file upload (with 2-3 clicks to deliver the same file to more users), multi-speed contacts. Perfect Engineering Unit Communications (programmers, hotel staff, science labs, etc.). Compliant with TCP/IP networks of all forms (LAN, WAN, etc.).

Working Principle:

Here’s how the application begins and how it works:

  1. As soon as the software is launched, the main thread is spawned by the CPU.
  2. A thread that keeps listening to the port is then spawned by the main thread.
  3. A connection is created as soon as there is a request for a link from a client. After the connection is created, another thread is produced to open the Client Chat dialog box.
  4. For every connection to the client, a new thread is spawned. The combined active threads will then be five, one primary thread, one listening thread, and one for communicating with the linked clients, as three clients are connecting to the server.

Now, let’s look at what each line, referring to the customer’s connection, does:

  1. The asynchronous phase is called BeginReceive. To the parameter, a callback function is forwarded. This callback method is called when the socket gathers some data.
  2. As the data is retrieved from the socket, the data is read and displayed in the talk dialog’s rich text box.
  3. If the SocketException is lifted, however, the link is closed, which means the client has ordered the connection to be closed.
  4. The data will be sent to the client when the Send button is pressed.

Hardware and Software Requirements :

  • Minimum 2 PC’s
  • Minimum 40 GB Hard Disk
  • 500 MB RAM
  • Windows XP Service pack 2
  • LAN Connection
  • Visual Basic 6.0





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