Student Information Sytem ER Diagram

Student information system er diagram

Student Information System ER Diagram (Entity Relationship Diagram) shows the coherent construction of data sets. An Entity Relationship Diagram is a piece of information an item or idea about which information is put away.

Student Information System ER Diagram

There are three sorts of connections between substances:

Coordinated (1 to 1): one case of an element (A) is related to one other occurrence of another substance (B). For instance, in an information base of representatives, every worker’s name (A) is related with just a single federal retirement aide number (B).

One-to-many (1 to N): one case of an element (A) is related with nothing, one or numerous occasions of another substance (B), however for one occurrence of element B there is just one example of element A. For instance, for an organization with all representatives working in one structure, the structure name (A) is related to various representatives (B), yet those workers all offer a similar particular relationship with substance A.

Many-to-many (N to N): one occasion of an element (A) is related with one, zero, or numerous occurrences of another substance (B), and one case of element B is related with one, zero, or numerous examples of element A. For instance, for an organization where the entirety of its representatives work on different ventures, each case of a worker (A) is related with numerous occurrences of task (B), and simultaneously, each example of an undertaking (B) has various representatives (A) related with it.





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