The IT training group database project mainly consists of the training related details. There will be separate trainers in the IT company where there will be training the new candidates about the technologies used in the industry. This database project will be able to maintain the data about the training undertaken. The details of the trainers can also be stored. The details of the trainees undergoing the training can also be kept in track. There will be different courses that will be trained by the instructor and the trainees can take on any number of courses. There will also be various training teams.

IT Training Group Database Project

The IT training group database project will be very useful in maintaining the database of the instructors, designation, course that they take, personal details etc. It is also used to store the details of the trainees who undertake the training, their personal details and much other information. This database project will help in getting the information that is required at one mouse click. It is also possible to maintain and manage the other details about the information technology training group database. This IT training group database project will help the training department of the IT Company to manage it better.The situation can be better understood by the following scenario. There can be 10 trainers in the organization. They can handle up to 100 training sessions per day. The instructors will be divided into different teams based on the courses that they are ready to teach. If there are 5 teams then the instructors will be divided in a group of 2 for each team. They take the training based on the course that they are ready to teach. The students can take any number of courses that they like. Then they will be put into particular group of training.



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