Vehicle Information System is a program that helps users to access vehicle information. This is being developed using and SQL Server.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Vehicle Information System:

  • Insert new records of motor insurance.
  • Update existing motor insurance records.
  • Delete existing motor insurance records.
  • Insert new records of nonmotor insurance.
  • Update existing motor insurance records
  • Delete existing motor insurance records.
  • Generate data reports from entire records.
  • Generate filtered report.

Vehicle Information System Interface:

Tap to download here (Go to this link and search the project in the search option)

  • Log in-User log-in form to allow the user to log in before accessing QCIS. The user must pick the user to log in from the list box and the key in the right password.
  • Main Form – Everything starts Main Form. It contains a menu, etc.
  • Insert New Record (Non-Motor) to add a new record on non-motor insurance.
  • Edit the Vehicle Record to edit the Motor Insurance record.
  • Check Record (Motor) to search the current Motor Insurance record.
  • Delete User To delete a user identity from the Vehicle Information System
  • Detailed report to produce a detailed engine report for the vehicle information system
  • Generate a filtered Vehicle Information System Motor Report

Click the Log Out tab. After that you’ll see the interface as seen below:

Tap the Yes button to log out. Click the No button to terminate the logout.





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