Institute Management Software Application

The software framework for Institute Administration is highly tailored and user-friendly for organizations. It was designed to automate, handle and manage even small to large institutes in their overall processing. The project consists of two main modules: Institute Management Framework, i.e. Leader, MIS generation monitoring, and transaction units.

Title: Institute Management Software Application

MIS Report Generation System

The user and administration of the e-Institute Management System will build a report generation system. For the study of the regular transaction, pattern, this MIS can include both information and overview form reports. Include the following features in the MIS Report System:

The Transaction Review Report shall include the selection criterion for the date range.

  • Sample Report: Produce the attendance report for the date range.
  • User Register: Create student registers for all personal information.
  • Student Data Report: Offers reports about all fields relevant to the student, be it batches, certificates, installments, discounts, grants, holidays, content, and book problems. It’s a one-stop option with all the information. It involves Batch Wise Students between two dates, Course Wise Student Information, Installation Details, Student Discounts, Student Split, Book Issue, Student Issue Material, Registered Students, Student Payment Ledger, Student Wise Test Report.
  • Examination Summary: A report that includes details of the code-based examination. This will show the name of the student, their course, and any related information.
  • Inquiry Summary: A detailed report of inquiry condition, such as Action Between Two Dates, Student Enrolled, Counsellor Information, Consolidated: Cumulative report of inquiry and conversions by all counselors, According to
  • Counselor: status of inquiry between two dates by each counselor.
  • Course Details: This will include details about how many people asked for certain courses. This will provide first-hand knowledge as to which course is the most “sought after” in a given month.
  • Set: specifics of the complete collection as Fees Received Between Two Dates, Fine Collected Between Two Dates, Fine Collected Registration Number Wise
  • Payment Alerts: for giving reminders to defaulters or late payers, or for intimating them of upcoming installments.
  • Export Report: All files can be exported in various formats including Text File, CSV File, MS Excel, MS Word File.
  • Print Report: All files may be printed from any form of printer. The fee receipt may be printed in a stationary pre-printed type.

Technology Used

  • VB.Net
  • SQL Server
  • Crystal Report




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