The Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is a system that manages the student admission and examination part records. The Student Management System (SMS) is meant to assist colleges in the management of dental students. Extensive knowledge is available at your fingertips through this computer. Viewing student records, managing enrolment and reshuffling, location management, cap, board, semester, faculty, category and examination, block delivery, subject management, planning, outcomes, and related issues are made transparent and convenient. Custom search capabilities are available to assist with locating student information and operating with school documents. This will make the device easy to use and use, optimizing the value of time and other services. SMS enables the retention of personal data in a way that can be readily viewed and evaluated in a clear manner.


The SMS module is a part that covers many other facets of students from application to retirement. The system documents simple personal information, enrollment information, student education information. Leading-edge technologies have the ability to “read” applications and insert relevant data into applicable database areas, inform students and deliver results. Student control roles shall include

  • Manage new admission and enrolment
  • Manage quota
  • Manage board
  • Manage category
  • Manage Fees Structure
  • Roll number generation
  • Fees payment
  • student Basic Information
  • Manage faculty
  • Manage designation
  • Manage course and specialty
  • Manage semester and year
  • admission seat management
  • Exam scheduling
  • Result management
  • Subject management
  • Block management

In SMS, each user has a login ID and a password. Both users also have different authorization privileges to enter apps. These privileges are complex and can be modified.

There are three main positions in the method. Administrator, accountant, and operator. Admin has direct access to the whole scheme, while the accountant is concerned only with the charging of student enrollment fees. The programmer is responsible for the use of the machine.

The function of the Admin may be as follows:

Introduce new quota, board, category, course, etc

  • Set fees structures
  • Manage faculties
  • Manage subjects
  • Seat management
  • Management of semester
  • Generation of student roll number
  • Set examination

The operator role can:

  • New admission and enrolment
  • Search student
  • Block allocation
  • Result, etc

Today, when a person with a specific position Logs will see only certain pages that are permitted to do so.


The project is about managing all of the student’s entry and assessment records. It also handles services traditionally handled and managed by the employees. The key goal of the project is to incorporate different parts of the organization in a coherent way such that complicated tasks can be managed smoothly by either technical or non-technical individuals.

The project aims at the following matters:

  • Admission and registration automation as per board, cap, rank, and available seats.
  • Assistance in decision-making.
  • To handle student, faculty, and course records.
  • Consistently correct the details for all students.
  • Reports-To collects all relevant material on every application of the HRMS.

Many of the problems related to the above have to be integrated into the proposal along with certain new specifications.

The key aim of the Admin Module is to add new items and to customize important features. For example, only admins are allowed to set quotas, committees, subjects, divisions, etc., and only admins are allowed to set up the test and fee system. So the master screens for both of these are only available to the admin position. This is achieved with the Admin Module. Users and physical and logical positions may also be developed. The key aim of the Admin Module is therefore to control the complex operation of the system.

1.3   SCOPE

  • Any college will use this framework because it’s not based on the customer.
  • Both entry and assessment work specific to the student may be completed using this method.
  • Delivery of electronic workstation
  • Provide bilingual assistance
  • User Support & Repair following development deployment
  • The Admin Module can also be reused for projects that have multiple users with different privileges. It is also reusable.


Fig 1.1 .NET framework Architecture

  • We don’t have a prior job system. This concept is being planned for the first time. So we’re free to use whatever code we want. Online Recruiting is a software application built using ASP.Net using C# as the front end of the SQL server-2005 as the back end.
  • The.NET Structure is a compilation of objects and blueprints
  • Microsoft is developing apps.
  • The.NET Platform includes the underlying features of ASP.NET. All applications built under the.NET umbrella, including ASP.NET applications, have some core features that ensure reliability, protection, and stability.

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